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SmartStax Roots Remastered

Project Type:

Experiential Marketing


The Canadian Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) Woodstock, ON


SmartStax PRO hosted a mini concert stage set-up at COFS to feature their corn row. The corn concert experience included band signs, lights, a miniature stage, bubble machines, beach balls, and Muskoka chairs equipped with branded headphones. Farmers were invited to listen to the live sounds of SmartStax PRO corn using headphones hooked up to the corn roots with a sound wave machine. Attendees were invited to the merch booth to play a branded digital plinko game to win branded corn concert merchandise.


The Roots Remastered corn concert was a big hit with farmers and their families! Visitors lined up daily to engage with corn, they loved the unique concert set-up, real sounds of corn roots and the chance to relax while having fun. It was also a great way to entertain their  children with the bubble machine and prizes while their parents engaged with the SmartStax team.

Creative Agency:

McCann Worldwide