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Hot Wheels - Skate


Hot Wheels Skate

Project Type:

Product Demo, Experiential Marketing


Product Demo


The activation took place in 10 different stores across four provinces in Canada.


Parents valued the chance to test products before making a commitment to purchase. Skilled attendees, knowledgeable in finger boarding, enthusiastically demonstrated their abilities to others. A wave of nostalgia swept over parents as they fondly recalled their personal collections, teenage skateboarding adventures, and their fondness for the Hot Wheels brand. 


We activated at 10 Toys R Us stores across Canada on a Saturday afternoon, introducing attendees to the features of the Hot Wheels skate decks. Our Brand Ambassadors showcased skills and tricks they learned in their training in the weeks leading up to the event, which helped us create a fun, interactive atmosphere in each location. Attendees were able to leave with a cardboard ramp that they built, and they left knowing a few new skateboard tricks. 

Creative Agency:

Spider Marketing Solutions

Hot Wheels Skateboarding
Hot Wheels Skateboarding
Hot Wheels Skateboard
Hot Wheels Skateboarding