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Hot Wheels Auto Show


Hot Wheels – 2023 Canadian International Auto Show

Project Type:

Experiential Marketing


Metro Convention Center, Toronto ON


In 2023, Hot Wheels returned to the Canadian Auto Show in Toronto after first appearing for its 50th anniversary in 2018. The display offered a kids’ play zone, remote control track, classic Hot Wheels cars and five life-sized Hot Wheels vehicles from the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends and collector cars. The family-focused Hot Wheels play zone not only added an element of excitement to the Auto Show but also created lasting memories for families in attendance. 


With over 50,000 attendees visiting the Hot Wheels activation during the 10-day show, it was the most popular kids’ attraction, showcasing its prowess in captivating both parents and children alike. The Hot Wheels  play zone not only injected excitement into the event but also forged enduring family memories, seamlessly blending fun and bonding to create an unparalleled attendee experience.

Creative Agency:

Spider Marketing Solutions