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Coca-Cola Creations Sampling Guzzo Cinemas

Project Type:

Experiential Marketing


Cinema Guzzo, Montreal


 In 2023, CocaCola® Creations and League of Legends came together to create CocaCola® Ultimate’s limited edition +XP flavor.  During the launch weekend, CocaCola® Creations  partnered with Cinema Guzzo for an exciting photo experience at Cinema Guzzo’s busiest locations in Montreal. Moviegoers were engaged through a unique red carpet photo experience, bringing awareness to the latest mystery flavour. The photo experience was designed to capture consumers’ attention on their way to the concession line before entering the movie. Participants were invited to walk the red carpet and take photos with their friends. Consumers received their digital photos with their choice of League of Legends backgrounds via SMS or email for instant social sharing. Upon exiting, each participant received a coupon to try the featured CocaCola® Creations product.


The photo experience was a resounding success, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to walk the red carpet, take photos with their friends, and share these moments on social media, accumulating over 100,000 impressions. Consumers truly adored tasting the new CocaCola® Creations flavour, which became a sell-out sensation during all three weekends, and they enthusiastically shared positive feedback about the entire experience.

Creative Agency:

LPi Group